le compte-rendu du séjour à Milan, classe de Seconde à projet Leonardo

"I went to Milan in Italy, from the eighteen to the twenty-four March with my class for a project called Leonardo.

We left Rochefort on Sunday, at five pm in a coach. The journey from Rochefort to Milan began. It lasted around sixteen hours, we did a break every two hours and the evening, we ate our picnic in a rest ares. At the monday, we arrived in the morning at a magnificient hotel, named "Abacus hotel". This one was very clean and shiny, like a place wher everybody dreams to go. So, the fisrt day, we discovered Milan's tube, the city centre museums.

One of the amazing part of this day was when we saw for the first time the cathedral called the Duomo. She was many giant, beautiful and very impressive! She had so many sculptures, almost two thousand. Not very far away from the cathedral, there was a statue of Leonard de Vince. We also tasted italian panini. I chose a panini with mozzarella, a basic ingredient and that was delicious. The second day, we visited some old churches. They were really original in their setting wich was looking pretty gothic inside. My favorite day of the travel was the wednesday, when we went to the lake of Come. This day, we crossed the large lake on a ferry boat. The landcape was just magic! We could see the mountains. Some of them were snow-covered and the was a wesh mist around them. We were lucky because the weather was sunny and the two previous day, it was kind of cloudy. The next day, we went to the city of Pavie close to Milan and did a visit of a Chartreuse. Then, the last day, we climbed up the cathedral and visit the place of Duomo. It gave me the feeling to be very little because of the height: there were a lot of stairs before reach the top of the cathedral. That was a little bit tiring! We also visited the inside. At the end of the travel, we visited on art gallery and saw an original painting of Leonard de Vinci. That was incredible to see the "Portrait of a musician". In the travel, I felt like a italian people were very polite and friendly. Everyday, we woke up at seven am and ate at the hotel.

Finally, we discovered so many things during this travel. The different places we visited were historic and very interesting. The food was really tasty and I advice people to go to Milan because the monuments are very artistic".

Travail réalisé par une élève de 207, Projet Leonardo, mars 2018.